Edition 1: Smart Money Newsletter 2010 Summer
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Welcome to our first edition of Smart Money! This newsletter is designed to give you updates, reminders and tips relative to the upcoming season for your finances and well being (getting a bit late for summer I know).

In this season’s newsletter we have:

Upcoming Recommended Courses: Smart Money, Communication Skills, Business Planning.
Full Balance Coaching News: Update on new services
New Years Resolutions: How did they go?
Yearly Updates: Why they are so important…..

1. Courses with our Tauranga or Auckland based financial coaches

It’s the beginning of the school year, and also the start of many courses. Don’t miss out…

Smart Money

This three week course in Tauranga is designed to motivate and lead you through the steps we would go through one on one, focusing on how to build strong financial foundations so that a secure future is achievable, but in a group setting. It is a cheaper option for people and allows people to interact and share as much, or little as they like. The course starts on February 18 (this Thursday night) through the Life Academy at Historic Village. For more details and to enrol http://www.lifeacademyonline.co.nz/classes/smart-money/ or give us a ring.

Relationship Education Courses

These courses mostly start next week and run through out the country each term subject to demand. There is a variety of courses on improving relationships with important people in your life, including you! These are funded by the government so very affordable at $10 - $30, and are given by quality and experienced tutors. I recommend Positively me for Women or Manmade for Men, for any who wants to improve their communication and assertiveness skills to get their message across without conflict. There is also couples and parenting courses. Phone 576 8392 for more detail or click here: http://www.relate.org.nz/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=BiOd9HGvyK4%3d&tabid=309

Certificate in Small Business Management

This course is a year long course, one evening a week, and starts soon through out the country. It is subsidized from the government and free! The course covers all the fundaments of good business management and guides you through writing your own business plan. You do not have to be in business to do this course, you just need an idea. Call 0800 355 553 to find out when the intro evening is. I’ve done this course and I fully recommend it for anyone in business or anyone who wants to get into business.

2. Full Balance Financial Coaching News


If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve had a website running now for over a year! It’s a great marketing tool and can explain what Financial Coaching much more succinctly than I can over the phone! www.fullbalance.co.nz

Free Money Personality Testing

The website now also has the money personality test, so you don’t have to do it by hand anymore….There is also the option to email the results and get a free in depth analysis back via email. It’s a great first step for you and your friends to start their financial journey, and can also be a bit of a laugh! Best of all it is free with no obligation. http://www.fullbalance.co.nz/money-quiz-saving-money-feelings-about.html

Client Numbers

As word gets around about our fabulous service, we are getting busier. There are now over 100 clients on our books and it is ever increasing. Spread the love and forward the newsletter on…

New staff: I am currently looking to recruit a new coach part time, watch this space…

3. New Years Resolutions?

How are your New Years resolutions going? I don’t know about you, but I find the new year after the holidays is a motivating time to reflect on what you want to be different in your life. I’m still hanging in there with my resolutions, just!

What’s the key? Remember to write it down while it is in your head (in a book, or as art work) and remember to think about why you want to change – what’s in it for you? I recommend using the 4 W’s for goal setting and/or a dream board. What do you want to achieve, by when, who is involved, and WHY do you want to do the goal. If you can’t think of a reason, other than you feel you “should”, then save yourself the pain and find something else that is important to you.

4. Yearly updates

Yearly updates are really important to keep you on track! Whether you do this on your own or with a coach, it can make all the difference between staying in your current rut and getting out and “making” in the world over the longer term.

If you are worried that you didn’t achieve much, don’t be. Often clients say “but I haven’t done much”, but then when we run down the list we find that most of their actions have been achieved without them realizing. Sometimes there is a good reason that an action hasn’t been done, even if it is that it just didn’t feel right!

Reviewing your finances yearly, enables you and your coach to see how far forward you are going with your finances, and the progress you have made towards getting the funds for your goals. Sometimes the goal may not have been achieved because it is not important anymore or you’ve forgotten to give it the importance it deserves as other things have gotten in the way, and you need to start getting you A into G….

The best time for yearly follow ups is obviously a year after we first meet; in the New Year; after the end of the financial year; or when ever you are feeling motivated. Ring me for an appointment if you think you a due for an update.

5. Next Edition

Autumn will be our next update, with emphasis on the end of the tax year and what it means for you….

Enjoy the rest of the summer while it still lasts!

Ps thanks to Ros Lee, IT Coach, for your IT tips in preparing this newsletter.

The information in this newsletter is designed to be for information purposes. The accuracy of the information is not guaranteed and no responsibility is taken for your action based on this newsletter or links contained in it.

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